The young fishermen’s network is a Dutch network for (professional) fishermen up to 35 years of age. There are hundreds of young fishermen in the Netherlands, but you hardly ever see them. How come? Easy, they’re at sea. The majority of young fishermen hardly get around to participating in processes influencing their future, whether it’s because they’re fishing, figure they don’t have the appropriate knowledge to participate or because they’re simply not invited. A shame! For they have the power and tools to influence the future of the industry. They use smartphones, are way more connected to eachother and the outside world than the generations before them and most of all, they also have the will, enthusiasm and drive to continue fishing and further enhance the level of corporate social responsibility in the fishing industry.

The network has been set up in 2011 to accommodate knowledge transfer, interaction between fishermen and other stakeholders in the fishing industry and to show the world there are a lot of driven young entrepreneurs who are willing to take responsibility for their future.

The Young Fishermen’s Network facilitates and organizes informal meetings between politicians and fishermen, researchers and other youngsters who are interested in food issues, such as the Youth Food Movement. We also organize courses on communication, projectmanagement and are planning to organize workshops on entrepreneurship. This project is funded by the European Fisheries Fund.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!